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The inspiration for the hand-applied decorative finish on this chair frame is the abstract expressionism of artist Jackson Pollock. All the visible wood surfaces of the chair, front and back including the legs were hand splattered in four prime colours on a black gloss ground, sealed in a clear lacquer finish. The colours used have been popped out by the use of the pale green wool top fabric sharply contrasted with the dark grey wool used on the back of the chair and in the buttoning. The double piping on the inside is in the matching green wool and on the back in matching dark grey wool. This is a one-off piece creating a blend of art and craft upholstery.

Jackson Pollock Inspired Armless Nursing Chair

Color: Cream
  • The chair was previously last upholstered in 1956, then bought as an antique. It has been traditionally re-upholstered with lashed springs, hand stitching, horse hair stuffing and with all natural calico and wool guard materials. I aim to limit the use of man made materials in my traditional upholstered furniture. The ‘horse hair’ stuffing appears to be100% long strand curled horsehair (i.e. excludes hog hair) and it was salvaged from the original upholstery during strip down. The hair has been cleaned, conditioned and sterilized before reuse in this chair only. The top fabric is 100% pure new wool from Abraham Moon Earth collection: Mint (green) and Jet (grey)

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