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  • The inspiration for the reupholstery of this elegant side chair was the person who previously owned it, in truth collecting the chair was like from an episode of ‘Madmen’! However, the chair is innocent and with its new upholstery and with the mahogany show wood cleaned and restored the chair is now ready for a new life. I have placed a pocket with a 2020 coin inside the chair to celebrate the date of the restoration. When I stiped the chair down I found a sixpence coin dated 1943 in the chair which I understand was a traditional way of indicating when the chair was last upholstered. That coin too has been added to time capsule pocket in the chair.

Madmen Mahogany Claw Foot Chair

Color: Blue
  • The chair been traditionally re-upholstered with lashed springs, hand stitching, horse hair stuffing and with all natural hessian, calico and wool guard materials. I aim to limit the use of man made materials in my traditional upholstered furniture. The ‘horse hair’ stuffing was salvaged from the original upholstery during strip down. The hair has been cleaned, conditioned and sterilized before reuse in this chair only. The top fabric is 100% pure new wool from Abraham Moon Earth collection: Teale and Multispot (grey). The chair frame is woodworm free. The show wood is 100% solid Mahogany which has been fully restored, linseed oil treated and naturally polished. Felt pads have been added to all 4 feet.

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