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Traditionally upholstered deep 1930's Armchair.


When purchased the original owner had nostalgic memories of growing up with the chair and how it had centred around family life. In need of full restoration, the chair was stripped back to the frame and an expert frame maker was used to make sure the frame and joints were as good as new.


Fully refurbished and reupholstered using traditional techniques and processes. Carded cattle hair was used to create a luxurious and comfortable base. New springs have been used on the seat back and arms to create a comfortable and durable product.

The seat cushion, a traditional squab cushion and  a labour of love, has been hand made using the carded cattle hair and hours of stitching to create a luxurious firm seat.


Classic Liberty Fabric with gold piping has been used to enhance the deeper golden tones in the fabric design and frame the classic form.

Deep Seated English Arm Chair

SKU: 0002
  • Traditionally upholstered. The frame has been lovingly repaired to stand the test of time. Every layer has been hand stitched, tied and stretched and finished to perfection.

    This peice was achieved by Upholstery Diploma Stage 3 student, Tom, who has an incredible passion and knowledge of historical furniture, techniques, tools and processes.

    Tom chose to use Liberty Peacock fabric to dress his fine upholstery work. We think you'll agree it has a wonderful, expensive, and grand feel to this statement one of a kind Armchair.

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