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90% of plant species – including the food we eat - rely on pollinators to reproduce. As pollinators, bees are vital to keeping our ecosystem in balance. But through the increasing use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilisers on our food and the fibres we grow to make textiles, we are destroying our bees.


This ottoman is dedicated to saving our amazing bees in both design and manufacture. ‘Preferred,’ natural materials have been used where possible that helps to protect biodiversity and our planet. 


Bees surround the storage box, which a deep-buttoned lid and contrasting yellow piping. Inside, the lid has been quilted in an attractive honeycomb design.


Bee fabric: Bespoke design by Rebecca Matthews Designs in Sydney, Australia, and custom printed on 100% organic cotton drill fabric by Fashion Formula.


Yellow fabric: ‘Pollen’ in 70% wool/ 30% flax by Flax is a fantastic fibre, since it’s easy and quick to grow, uses little water, and can be produced in European countries – that means the fibres are travelling a shorter distance to reach us, which helps to reduce carbon emissions.


Box frame: made using PEFC wood, which means that the forest that the wood came from is being sustainably managed.

'Save the Bees' Ottoman

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